5 Day – Spanish Verb Power Challenge

Want to be fluent in Spanish in a matter of days? This 5 day Spanish Verb Power Challenge will teach you the basics of conjugating and all the shortcuts to be able to speak Spanish in the present, future and past tense in just 5 days. This Spanish Verb Challenge exists of:

  • 5 lessons – 1 lesson each day
  • Quizzes and tests
  • BONUS: Printable Spanish conjugation blue print

This challenge is especially designed for those who want to kick start their Spanish learning adventure and get access to the ropes will enable you to speak in a confident matter. For this you need to learn 5 lessons which we’ll give you in the course of 5 days. You will have 24 hours to complete each lesson to ensure you will stay on track in this Spanish Verb bootcamp.

  • Day 1: The 25 verbs you need to learn to be able to have any conversation in Spanish.
  • Day 2: How to form the future tense by learning these 6 little words.
  • Day 3: How to form the stem of the verb. The basics of all conjugations.
  • Day 4: How to form the present tense. Simple!
  • Day 5: How to form the past tense with this simple trick.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 3 Quizzes